Dental Detoxification Support

Dental Detoxification Support*

If you’re about to have amalgam (a.k.a. ‘silver’) fillings removed, basic cellular protectionis required. The main material in amalgam fillings is one of the most toxic substances. Mercury. In fact, it’s 50% mercury by composition, with silver 22-32%, tin 14% and copper at 8%. Skeptical? Watch any dentist and staff attempt removal of amalgam fillings. Their protection required looks like a science fiction movie! No reputable neurotoxicologist thinks amalgam fillings are safe.

Immediate dangers are:

A) Absorption. Fortunately, we can take natural binding products for this.

B) Oxidative Stress, or free radical formation. Vitamin C, certain forms of selenium, lipoic acid, NAC and glutathione (GSH) help tremendously! Unless GSH is injected, it’s destroyed in the gut. However, the liposomal form shows to be nearly as good as injectable, at a fraction of the cost!

Long-term damage from mercury occurs in the brain, nervous system, kidney, endocrine system andcell receptors. Think of receptors as miniature antennae on the surface of our trillions of cells! They’re the cell guardians that determine what can come and go inside the cell. Molecular biologists refer to receptors as the cell’s ‘second brain’. Bottom line: protect them.

Here’s when and what you’ll need to protect yourself before and after each amalgam removal or restoration:

1) Start at least 2 days prior, and continue for at least 3 days after each procedure.

2) *C Complete Powder. (Virtual Pharmacy code: IN44016). Take one scoop (1,000 mg), 3X a day into any liquid.

3) *GI Detox. (Virtual Pharmacy code: GIDET). Take 2 caps, am & pm. Take just before each appointment, or better yet, take as soon as you arrive in the dental office! Dosing is at least 1 hour before or after food and 2 hours after any supplements or medication.

4) *Liposomal Recharge. (Virtual Pharmacy code: P17471 ). Take 1 tsp, twice daily, at least 10 minutes before or after food.

For procedures such as root canals or implants:

1) *Arnica 200CK. Take the number of pellets as directed on the bottle. I like Boiron brand, available on our website’s Virtual Pharmacy (product code: ARN57). A wonderful homeopathic to speed healing & recovery. Take one dose a day starting just after the procedure, for 1 week.

2) Some people require additional support, or proteolytic enzymes (including nattokinase) if blood viscosity is too high (thick), which slows healing. We’ve had good experience with *Systemic Enzyme Complex capsules (Virtual Pharmacy product code: SYST5). Typical dosage is 3-4 caps, twice daily on an empty stomach (at least 30 minutes prior to or at least 2 hours after meals). This must be discussed with your doctor, as anyone taking anticoagulant medicine needs close monitoring.

* Available online through our Virtual Pharmacy. See Click on any of the Virtual Pharmacy links found on our website's main page, then fill out the required fields on the Welcome page, then click 'Create Account'. Once approved, you can order all supplements listed above (plus hundreds of other professional or commercial brands) at a 20% discount. Search by product company, product name, or product code.


To a trained biological dentist, this is all common knowledge. For a biologicaldentist near you, check out


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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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