Consultations, physical and nutritional evaluations, metabolic/supportive therapies and nutritional supplements.

Consultations, physical and nutritional evaluations, metabolic/supportive therapies and nutritional supplements.

Functional Medicine

It is better to travel well than to arrive.


Nutritional/Metabolic Examination/Consultation

I start off with a thorough review of your comprehensive medical and health history. Next, vital signs are taken including resting pulse, oxygen saturation, blood pressure (supine & standing) and respiratory rate. Next is a comprehensive assessment that obtains key information often missing from conventional examinations. I palpate the abdomen (similar as done in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine), and evaluate your physical constitution by looking at your nails, tongue, eyes (iris analysis), and general complexion from a functional medicine perspective. This is where your ‘biological computer’ as I like to call it, can display much-needed information and guide me where to look, and what to ask. For telemedicine consultations using ZOOM, the eyes, tongue, and nails can be examined. Phone appointments are also easily scheduled.

Energetic Screening

I often obtain energetic information by kinesiology (Autonomic Response Testing or quantum reflex analysis) methods. For a quick demonstration of quantum reflex analysis (QRA), check out this video. These are feedback methods that help target areas of distress and help to minimize potential trial and error.


I may also check the Bio-terrain when applicable. These tests provide information about your mineral levels, toxic byproducts, digestion, free-radical stress, fat and lipid metabolism, bone health, kidney and liver stress and more!

Heart Rate Variability Monitor

How does your body actually deal with stress? Are your supplements or diet is REALLY working? Is your nervous system balanced? The answer to these questions and more can be found in a 5 minute test at our office with the HRV – Heart Rate Variability monitor.

Heart rate variability is a monitor of overall health and well-being, and a low variability reading can also be a predictor of cardiac risk and overall health and mortality. Can a simple test really reveal all this? Yes. Is there any science behind this? Try over 2,000 publications this last decade alone based on MEDLINE search, key word ‘HRV’.

Originally researched to evaluate stress on Russian cosmonauts during the space program, this technology is now available in our office. We’ve find it an objective tool for guiding people back to health and wellness. The advanced HRV software system used at HealthQuest also has a unique ability to digitally assess the body’s meridian and chakra systems and show it graphically!

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Additional Evaluations & Tests

If I feel more information is needed for accurate assessment, I often will prescribe additional testing. This can include any of the following: outside bloodwork (we do not perform venipuncture in our office), advanced stool analysis, salivary hormone testing and diagnostic imaging (x-ray, MRI, computerized thermal imaging, etc).

Occasionally, we find that a referral to an MD is the most appropriate course of action for additional testing. We make every attempt to work collaboratively with your primary physician. If you don’t have a primary doctor (MD or DO), we encourage you to get one. We can refer you to physicians in various specialties if needed.

LED Healing Light Therapy Programs

The LightMD is a technology that’s shown great success for reducing pain, healing injuries, and supporting metabolic balance throughout the entire body. A gentle, warm light is applied to the skin with flexible pads that allow the beneficial photons of light energy to be delivered to our cells.

Many people experience instant relief of symptoms, while others feel improvement after a series of healing light sessions. Our system has a vast number of healing frequencies for a variety of conditions, along with higher power and multiple wavelengths.

After many years of research, owning, renting, and experience with dozens of light therapy devices, we feel the LightMD system is simply the finest, most advanced light therapy in the world. We’ve found it has beneficial effects on a variety of organs, including the pancreas, spleen, liver, gallbladder, intestines, ovaries, uterus, adrenals, thyroid, thymus, stomach, as well as the entire lymphatic system! Learn more…

We offer this light therapy which can be used once or in multiple sessions. It also constitutes a part of all of our Health & Wellness Programs.

Meridian Testing and Balancing with cold laser, acupatches, or kinesiology

All are painless, non-invasive (no needles), and very efficient. I use concepts of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as well as Nogier’s auriculotherapy and Korean hand point systems. I find many times these methods are quicker and more effective than traditional needling techniques.

Allergy Reduction Program

Designed to help reduce energetic stress on the immune and nervous systems through blood tests and selective detoxification and specific meridian balancing techniques.

Castor Oil/Mud Packs

I will often suggest either of these to very specific sites on the body, based upon in-office testing. I find them useful for pain, cramps, clearing lymphatic congestion, scar therapy, imbedded trauma sites and digestive support among many others.

If not done properly and on the right location, these can be of little use. If done correctly, it can make the difference to resolve lingering health issues.

Other Services

I offer nutritional support for many conditions including digestive disturbances (including halitosis, reflux/GERD, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, colitis, Crohn’s, etc), fatigue, allergies, acute and chronic infection, PMS, menopause, andropause (male menopause), weight loss, weight gain, asthma, attention deficit disorder, carpal tunnel sydrome, spinal disc degeneration, cardiac and lipid imbalances, immune system challenges, eczema, psoriasis, osteoporosis, arthritis, auto-immune conditions like lupus, rheumatism and thyroiditis, herpes, MS, poor memory, candida, parasites, EBV, mold toxicity and more.

Save Your Life

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a stealth-like process that can strike you, your friends, your family…anyone. It remains the #1 killer in the world, so there’s much to learn about prevention and science-based natural, non-toxic, effective support measures

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