Dr. Djuric

I pursued my goal of becoming a doctor in order to better serve the world and help fill the void created by our current western healthcare model. After volunteering in the emergency room and shadowing various doctors at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz, California, I realized the inefficiency in treating a patient’s re-occurring symptoms.

Instead, I believe in diagnosing the true underlying cause of a health problem, and focusing treatment to permanently correct any dysfunction at its root cause. I consider it a human being’s birthright to be free of discomfort with a perfectly balanced body that allows its user to thrive and function at its full true potential, both physically and spiritually

By administering chiropractic adjustments, restorative soft tissue techniques (ART, ultrasound, trigger point massage, traction), and also the most cutting edge and modern research-based physiotherapy technologies (Laser and LED light therapy, Pulsed Electromagentic Field Therapy) I quickly re-establish balance to both the body and its nervous system.

Furthermore, in order for my patients to receive the most up to date and effective care possible, I am constantly learning, investigating, and researching emerging medical science. I feel extremely fortunate and grateful to be able to serve and interact with others in this way.


Dr. Djuric received his undergraduate pre-medical training at the University of Wisconsin while attaining a Bachelor of Science-Natural Sciences degree. He then went on to complete his formal chiropractic training at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose,

California. At Palmer College, while attaining his doctorate degree, he distinguished himself by earning Cum Laude honors and also being inducted into the Pi Tau Delta Chiropractic Honor Society.

Dr. Djuric is trained to care for and manage a wide variety of injuries, including sports, work related, and those associated with auto accidents. He continues to study, his interests focusing on nutrition

functional medicine, and diagnostics in order to assure that he is up to date with the constantly evolving field of soft tissue injury. Dr.Djuric is committed to promoting optimal health and wellness in all of his patients.

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