The Sauna & Hyperthermia Dome

The Sauna & Hyperthermia Dome

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The best pathway to detoxify effectively is via the skin, especially if you have DNA impairments that prevent your body from detoxifying via liver or kidneys. Using the Detox Sauna Dome, both fat and water-soluble toxins are flushed out in a very comfortable way that does not stress any of your detox organs. This little sauna is perfect for smaller households or solo occupancy, as it folds into a tiny corner when you don’t need it but unfolds into a massive and super comfortable device that can be placed anywhere. The concept of “head out” is ideal for those who feel claustrophobic in enclosed spaces or when you have breathing problems in a normal sauna. This sauna is also big and convenient enough to perform your daily meditation while your body cleanses and your immune system is boosted to maximum performance. Hyperthermia ability is also available. Contact your practitioner for more information.  

1)   What's the quality of the infrared heat produced by the Detox Sauna Dome?

  Not all infrared heat is the same. When evaluating an infrared heater for use in a therapeutic infrared sauna, there are two things to consider. First, there is the size of the infrared wave. We have learned over the years that longer (far) infrared waves are more beneficial for you. They will penetrate deeper into your body and are more easily absorbed. Longer infrared waves are produced by lower temperature heaters. Carbon heaters run at a lower temperature and produce much longer waves. Different materials (carbon or ceramic) produce a differing amount of infrared heat. This is called the “Emissivity” of the heater. Ceramic heaters often used in commercial hyperthermia beds tend to produce a lot of infrared heat – they are high- powered heaters. Carbon heaters have a low infrared output, and are weak when compared to a ceramic heater but they are safe because you can’t burn yourself, especially in such a close space. The Detox Sauna Dome combines the power of a ceramic heater with the safety of a carbon heater. This means the True Wave heaters used in the Detox Sauna Dome produce the long wave infrared of a carbon heater with the high output of a ceramic combined into one heater. It really is the best of both worlds. Made of 100% organic, non-toxic materials!  

2) Do the heaters have high EMF levels?

  Many studies of EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) show that EMF waves can be harmful when we are exposed to them on a regular basis. That’s why limiting your exposure to EMF waves is prudent. The company has gone to great lengths to develop patent-pending technology to cancel out the vast majority of the EMF produced by the True Wave heaters. When measuring directly on the heater, the EMF levels are well below 2 milligauss and far lower than the “Swedish Standard” for low EMFs that many competitors claim. There is no other infrared sauna on the market with lower EMF levels than the Detox Sauna Dome. It's beautifully-crafted, and designed to last a lifetime. For more information, click on 'shop' after you click HERE.

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