The Lymph Cleanse & Renew Protocol*

The Lymph Cleanse & Renew Protocol*

Our lymphatic system is vitalfor good health, yet the most ignored. It removes cellular waste, especially from our immune system. It’s comprised of tonsils/adenoids, lymph nodes, and vessels (there’s more lymph than blood vessels!), but also the spleen, liver, intestines, kidney, and brain. In fact, the lymph system supports every cell.

Chronically poor lymph function is a silent, unseen process until there’s abnormal lab markers or swollen lymph nodes. Deeper insight shows lymph stress can be bad skin, swelling, fatigue, weak vision, brain fog, body odor, frequent infections, lumps, bumps, tumors, and more. Optimal lymphatic integrity is required for health recovery and optimal cell vitality.


Other than trauma, surgery, acute illness, and certain RX medications, poor lymphatic integrity is often due to one or more of the following:

-       Toxins or Chronic Pathogen load

-       Cellular Acidity & Low Cell Oxygen

-       Reduced Cellular Mitochondria (or function)

-       Organ Weakness of Intestines, Liver/Gallbladder, or Kidneys

-       Sedentary Lifestyle

SOLUTION: Our unique protocol targets and restores health to our complete lymphatic system by:

1) Reducing Toxin & Pathogen Load

2) Alkalizing the Body

3) Increasing Cell Energy/Voltage

4) Eliminating Cell & Organ Waste

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and aren’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

The Lymph Cleanse & Renew Protocol


Consists of 3 Parts



A) Diet – Read and follow my Food for A Healthy Life article on my website, found under the Learning Center. This is a plant-based diet based on years of research and evidence from all over the world. It’s not just for lymphatic health, but helps restore cellular vitality for the rest of your life. Note: for severe conditions, add more astringent, electrical, high-energy foods like red or purple grapes, citrus, melons, and berries every day.

B) Targeted Lymph Organ Support – These are the liver, gallbladder, intestines, and kidneys. Follow suggestions for each organ (dose is as directed on bottles), and as many of the foods as you’re able.


Liver/Gallbladder support includes *Liver Formula tablets; the spices turmeric, fenugreek, cumin, and fennel; eat more arugula, kale, beets, radish, artichokes, shitake/maitake/reishi mushrooms, lemon, celery, cucumber, spinach, red apple, purple potato.


Intestine support includes *GI Fortify Powder or *Triphala tablets; wild berries of all types; aloe vera (as gel or liquid); fermented foods (raw apple cider vinegar, kimchi,sauerkraut, miso, Kevita® fermented coconut water, kombucha tea).


Kidney support: follow the diet article (see 'A'); eat astringent, high-energy foods listed under diet in ‘A’; eat parsley, asparagus, celery; stay well hydrated with pure water; nettle or dandelion teas are wonderful for the kidneys.

C) Lymph Drainage & Support – Take an herbal product OR a homeopathic drainage formula to assist cellular waste removal.

Herbals: *Blood Cleanse tablets. If you prefer liquid, *Flor Essence tea (Essiac).

IMPORTANT: * These products are available on our website Virtual Pharmacy at 20% off. *Liver Formula by Banyan Botanicals (code: LIV11).   *GI Fortify by Pure Encapsulations (code: GIFOR). *Triphala by Banyan Botancals (code: TRIP4).  *Blood Cleanse by Banyan Botanicals (code: BLO11). *Flor Essence by Flora (code: F80728). All products are to be taken as directed on label.

Note: For new Virtual Pharmacy viewers, after account approval, you may search over 350 brands by company or product name, or code (see parentheses). For additional help on setting up your secure account, read my web article Virtual Pharmacy Products & Ordering, found under our web's Learning Center.



Choose one or more of these therapies. Chronic or serious conditions may benefit from including several. Do what you feel comfortable in performing regularly. * = Best Choices

A) *Neuro-Lymphatic Reflex point massage. See my website article for the document with diagram and instructions. Perform 2-3x weekly.

B) Dry Skin Brushing. See my website article for details. Perform 2x/week or more. Just don't overdo it or your skin can get irritated.

C) Castor Oil Packs. Apply to any area of concern. Great for any local organ or gland issue. See my website article for instructions and details. Perform 2-3x/weekly.

D) *Dry Sauna. See my website article for details, or go to my favorite sauna company websites:

If not able to purchase your own sauna, try health clubs, gyms, or spas.

E) *Rebounding. A rebounder (mini-trampolene) is fantastic and fun!

F) Foam rolling. This is easily demonstrated on youtube. A powerful option is the vibration foam roller - the Vyper 2.0, available at

G) Coffee Enemas. See my website article titled Coffee Enema Procedure.

H) *Exercise. Any movement is good, as the lymphatic depends on movement (active or passive). Have pain or a disability? Consider yoga or rebounding, or our Lymph Flush Technique in Clinic Therapy.

I) Massage. This is a wonderful passive method to move lymph flow. Most all massage is good for lymph, but a lighter, broad-contact technique, with strokes directed toward the heart is preferred. For more info, see



A) LYMPH FLUSH technique. Performed in our office. Combines key lymphatic reflex point therapy, vibracussor stimulation of lymph channels, cranial work, visceral manipulation, and lymph pump techniques. SUPER EFFECTIVE! Session require a 15-minute appointment.

B) LightMD Therapy.

Restoring cell energy or voltage is crucial! Toxins, pathogen load, acidic diets, and sluggish organ function all reduce cell mitochondria number and function. Mitochondria is critical for the production of ATP – the primary currency of our cells. Why does this matter?


­ ? ATP = ­ ? Cell Energy = ­ ? Lymph Health


The LightMD transmits 2 forms of healing & revitalizing energy to every cell in the body. It’s easy, painless, and relaxing. We are one of the few clinics in Northern California with this advanced technology. Don't confuse LightMD device with most of the cheap, commercial light systems available online. They don't have the same optical power density, treatment surface surface area, nor the extensive library of healing frequencies that LightMD uses! Use it once a week for general purposes, or 3x/week for advanced or serious conditions. Check out


IMPORTANT! Start slow on the Lymph Cleanse & Renew Protocol. Lymph drainage and removal of cellular waste can elicit ‘detox’ symptoms such as headache, rash, joint pains, low energy, or others. For Targeted Nutrition, consider starting at ½ dosage, and maybe start with just two of the Home Therapies. Increase as you’re able. As with all new products or therapies, if adverse reactions occur, stop for a few days, then try at ½ amount. Remember to drink lots of pure water! Duration of the Protocol can be weeks or months, depending on the case.


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