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Recommended Virtual Pharmacy Products & Ordering

Our website’s Virtual Pharmacy gives you ability to order the highest-quality professional and commercial supplements, remedies, pet supplies, skin care, and more at a 20% discount. All products are guaranteed, stored and shipped using properly controlled environments (unlike Amazon and others), and have exceptional customer service. Many people appreciate their free online info for products and questions. It truly is ‘One-Stop Shopping’, while SAVING YOU MONEY. If you haven’t taken advantage of this wonderful cost-effective service, simply set up an account by going to our website (, click on any of the Virtual Pharmacy links on the website main page (the rotating banner photo showing our Virtual Pharmacy, or the 'Find Out More' link under Virtual Pharmacy paragraph). First time visitor? Next fill in the required info on the Welcome page, then click ‘create account’. It's free, and it's 100% secure and private. Searching for future products is easy. Just type in any company name, product name, or item code (if known) in the search box. You can also search for hundreds of products of your own choice. Already have an account? Just click on 'Login' at bottom of Virtual Pharmacy welcome screen.

REMEMBER…. ALL products are discounted 20%. Always! (at checkout)

This helpful list has many favorites we carry plus many more. Recommendations are based on decades of experience, feedback from thousands of patients, and lab testing. You can’t go wrong.

*** = TOP CHOICES Multivitamin/Mineral:

  • PureGenomics Multivitamin – 60 caps. Pure Encapsulations (code: P16313).

*Note: for COMT gene defects, where adenyl or hydroxyl is preferred B12 form. Has methylated folate for better cell uptake. 1 cap a day dose! ALL Pure Encapsulations’ multivitamins have active forms of B-vitamins. No binders, fillers, or excipients.

  • Women's One Daily - 60 tabs. Innate Response (code: WOM54). A 100% food-based multi with all co-factors found in living food.

  • Men's One Daily – 60 tabs. Innate Response (code: MENSO). A 100% food-based multi with all co-factors found in living food.
Essential Fats/Cell Membrane Nutrition:
  • Finest Pure Krill Oil – 60 caps. Pharmax. (code: PH606). No fish burps!
  • ***BodyBio PC – 16 oz. BodyBio. (code: SP550). Ideal to regenerate cell membranes! This is a 'MUST' product for nearly everyone!
  • BodyBio PC - 100 caps. BodyBio. (code: B16001). An option to the liquid version (above).
  • ***BodyBio Balance Oil - 16 oz. BodyBio. (code: BALA3). The perfect 4:1 ratio of unprocessed omega 6 and 3 fats. Superior to fish oils!
  • Dr. Ohira’s Probiotics – Professional - 60 caps. Essential Formulas. (code: PRPR6).
*Note: differs from the commercial version. Fermented 5 years compared to 3 years.
  • Ther-Biotic Childrens' Chewable – 60 tabs. Klaire Labs. (code: KTCC). Tastes great, very high-potency.
  • ProFlora 4R - 30 caps. BioBotanical Research. (code: B02180). No refrigeration needed. Great for traveling.
  • Probiotic G.I. – 60 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: PGI6). Very stable. No refrigeration needed. Great for traveling.
  • ***ProbioSpore - 60 caps. Designs For Health. The best product when you don't know which probiotic to take!
  • ***Betaine HCL Pepsin – 250 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: BET15).
  • ***Digestive Enzymes Ultra – 180 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: DIG32).
*Note: full-spectrum, super potent, plant enzymes for everybody. Can open & mix if needed.
  • DGL Plus – 60 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: DGL4).
*Note: historically used for reflux, GERD, gastritis, ulcers. Can open and make into a tea too.
  • GastroMend-HP - 60 caps. Designs For Health. (code: GAS21). Good for ulcers. Stronger than DGL Plus.
  • Triphala – 90 caps. Organic India. (code: R00175). An ancient trio of tonifying, healthy herbs for everyone. Can be taken long-term.
  • Gluten/Dairy Digest - 60 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: GDD6). Great for the occasional/accidental gluten or dairy ingestion!
  • Not Now Nausea - 1 oz. Herb Pharm. (code: H32166). Wow. This stuff works!
  • Easy Digest - 1 oz. Banyan Botanicals. (code: B26711). An ayurvedic herbal classic. Add to water, juice, or tea. Great for GERD.
Weight Loss/Fasting:
  • ***ProLon 5 Day Fasting Mimicking Program - 5 days of targeted and researched foods. (code: PR6169). WOW!!! Gives the proven benefits of water fasting, but you actually eat. Dairy and gluten free. Vegetarian.
  • ***Nanogreens – 12.7 oz. BioPharma Scientific. (code: NANOGREENS).
  • Nanoreds – 12.7 oz. BioPharma Scientific. (code: NANOREDS).
*Note: both Nanogreens and Reds are liposomal based for superior absorption.
  • Chyavanprash – 9.4 oz. Banyan Botanicals. (code: CHYA3). An ancient formula for rejuvenation and general well-being.
*Note: Certified organic, wonderful taste. An ancient Ayurvedic rejuvenating formula loaded with antioxidants.
  • ***Spirulina Pacifica Hawaiian - 16 oz. Nutrex. (code: NX1026). The ONLY spirulina we recommend. Better than chlorella for detox. A tremendous superfood for dogs too!
  Protein Powders:
  • NanoPro Immune (vanilla) - 1.2 lbs. BioPharma Scientific. (code: NANOPRO). New Zealand grass-fed, undenatured whey protein.
  • ***SunWarrior Blend (vanilla) – 1.1 lbs. SUNWARRIOR. (code: S87094). An organic vegan formula that tastes great and mixes easily.
  • MycoPure Golden Milk - 510g. Designs For Health. (code: D52800). Immune support from fermented shitake mushroom. Tastes great.
  Immune Formulas:
  • ***CurcumaSorb – 180 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: MCU1).
*Note: Uses Meriva’s exclusive liposomal delivery. Superior to others.
  • ***Turmeric Response Powder – 1.76 oz. Innate Response. (code: IN0452).
*Note: great when large amounts are required in serious immune cases.
  • Liposomal Curcumin/Resveratrol - 6 oz. Empirical Labs. (code: EMP020). Best absorbed liquid, combined with resveratrol.
  • Mycophyto Complex – 120 gms. EcoNugenics. (code: MYCO8).
  • Mycopure Golden Milk powder - 510g. Designs For Health. (code: D52800).Tastes great! Highly potent mushroom formula.
  • PectaSol-C Powder – 150 gms. EcoNugenics. (code: PSC15).  
  • Breast Defend -120 caps. EcoNugenics. (code: BRST120).
  • Cellular Shield – 60 caps. EcoNugenics. (code: EC0031).
  • d-Mannose Powder - 50 g. Pure Encapsulations. (code: MANN3).
  • Cat's Claw - 180 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: CATS4). One of few companies with lab-verified species and active compounds.
  • ***Liposomal Cat's Claw - 1.7 oz. Designs For Health. (code: D05204). Liposomal version of above. Very strong. Great for stubborn cases!
  • Oil of Oregano - 180 caps. Designs For Health. (code: D04153).
  • Olive Leaf Extract - 180 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: OLI15).
  • Ubiquinol - see Energy/Metabolism category.
  • Ester C & Flavonoids – 180 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: EST17). Best overall vitamin C in pill form.
  • Liposomal Vitamin C - 4 oz.Quicksilver Scientific. (code: QSPXC01). Best absorbed vitamin C. Many call it 'poor man's IV vitamin C'!
  • ***C Complete Powder - 2.9 oz. Innate Response. (code: Inn44016). Full-spectrum C with many high potency flavonoids. Good taste.
  • ***Liposomal Glutathione - 1.7 oz. Designs For Health. (code: D04894). Smallest particle size. The best alternative to IV glutathione!
  • ***Zinc Drink - 4.7 oz. Metagenics. (code: ZINCD). Best absorbed, tolerated, and effective zinc. GREAT for acute colds and flu!
  • Black Cumin Seed Oil w/Bio Curcumin. - 60 caps. Life Extension. (code: L01710).
  • ***Hemp Extract VESIsorb - 30 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: P21911ZZ). Most potent CBD on market! Full array of ALL the phytocannabinoids (including terpenes), plus an enhanced delivery system.
  • See also 'ADK' in Vitamins section.
*Note: Wonderful urinary tract support for all ages. Tastes good.
  • Elderberry Immune Syrup – 6.5 oz. Garden of Life. (code: G23198). Yummy. Great for kids.
  • Biocidin Throat Spray – 1 oz. Bio Botanical Research. (code: BTS).
  • ***Biocidin LSF – 1.7 oz. Bio Botanical Research. (code: ALSF). Tastes good. Broad-spectrum anti-infective and blood purifier.
  • MicroDefense – 180 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: MI21). Anti-parasitic.
  • A.C. Formula II – 120 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: AC21). Anti-candida.
  • Quick Defense - 20 caps. Gaia Herbs. (code: QUICK). Good for acute infections, taken at early onset. Very effective.
  • ***Molecular H2 - 60 tabs. Allergy Research Group. (code: A77520). Simply incredible researched benefits!
  • ***Silvercillin – 16 oz. Designs For Health. (code: SVL16Z). A favorite for years. Don't travel without it.
  • ***Argentyn 23 Silver Gel  – 2 oz. Natural Immunogenics. (code: ARGE6). Extraordinary topical anti-infective. See it to believe it!
  • ProgonB-L 4x – 10ml. Bezwecken. (code: B21717CA). Topical progesterone.
  • PhytoB-L 4X - 10ml. Bezwecken.(code: B21515CA). Topical progesterone and estrogen.
  • ProgestoMend - 120 caps. Douglas Labs. (code: D38239).
  • Estriol Cream – 4 oz. Emerita. (code: 64-678).
  • EstroMend - 120 caps. Douglas Labs. (code: D03871CA).
  • TestoGain - 120 caps. Douglas Labs. (code: TES20).
  • TestoQuench For Men - 120 caps. Douglas Labs. (code: D38178).
  • TestoQuench For Women - 120 Caps. Douglas Labs. (code: D38185).
  • Male X Booster - 60 caps. Douglas Labs. (code: MALEX).
  • DHEA – 60 caps (micronized, 25 mg). Pure Encapsulations. (code: DH26).
  • DIM Complex - 60 caps. Douglas Labs. (code: DIM6). Detox for hormones. Contains green tea and turmeric.
  • Cortisol Calm – 60 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: COR6). Herbal support for high cortisol and stress. See also HPA Adapt in 'Organ'.
  • ***Shilajit Fulvic Acid Complex - 60 caps. Jarrow Formulas. (code: J90605). Ancient ayurvedic formula for hormone rejuvenation.
  • Vitamin CODE Raw Calcium – 120 caps. Garden of Life. (code: 101659). *Note: A food-based product with superior absorption compared to synthetics. The ideal BONE restorative and maintenance product!
  • Magnesium Glycinate – 60 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: MG9). Gentle on the gut. Easily absorbed form.
  • Magnesium 300 Powder - 4.7 oz. Innate Response. (code: IN44017). The most effective powder. Easy on the gut.
  • ***Zinc Drink - 4.7 oz. Metagenics. (code: ZINCD).
  • ***Floradix Iron + Herbs - 8.5 oz. Floradix. (code: F47624). A favorite for decades in Germany and Switzerland. No pills.
  • OptiFerin-C – 60 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: OPT12). *Note: Easiest tolerated, most effective iron pill we’ve used. Non-constipating.
  • ***Quinton - 30 ampules. Original Quinton. (code: QS1017). The most tolerated full-spectrum mineral product, when nothing else works!
  • ***Ionic Fulvic Acid - 2 oz. Trace Minerals. (code: T03110). A great energy product. Enhances delivery of all minerals. Support for detox too.
  • Rentone – 90 caps. Ayush Herbs. (code: AY133). Kidney and bladder support.
  • LVR Formula – 120 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: LIV13). Liver support.
  • Thyroid Support Complex – 60 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: THY35).
  • ***HPA Adapt – 120 caps. Integrative Therapeutics. (code: IT10270). Adrenal support.
  • ***Ultra Prostate Formula – 60 caps. Life Extension. (code: L69567). The most effective prostate support of any product.
  • See also 'Body Anew' in Detoxification & Cleansing section.
  • B-Complex Plus – 60 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: BCO16).
  • B12 5000 Liquid – 30 ml. Pure Encapsulations. (code: BL599).
  • Adenosyl/Hydroxy B12 - 90 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: P16306). Great for nerve health.
  • Adenosyl/Hydroxy B12 - 1 oz. liquid. Pure Encapsulations. (code: P17242). Great for nerve health.
  • C Complete Powder - 2.9 oz.  Innate. (code: IN44016). Outstanding spectrum of high-potency flavonoids!
  • ***Ester-C & Flavonoids - 180 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: EST17). Most efficient form of C plus flavonoids in pill form.
  • ***A-D-K- 60 caps. DaVinci Labs. (code: D20079). Has 5,000 IU of D. Super-potent K2 (500 mcg MK-7). For vascular & bone issues!
  • Vitamin D3 Complete - 60 caps. Allergy Research Group. (code: VID23). Has 2,000 IU of D, plus A and K2.
  • D3 K2 Mulsion Citrus – 0.7 oz. Genestra. (code: SE170). A great tasting balanced vitamin D.
  • B12 Folate – 60 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: B12FO). Cheapest methylation support!
  • ***Super Ubiquinol - w/Enhanced Mitochondrial Support (active CoQ10) – 30 caps. Life Extension. (code: L43123). Helps re-establish cell energy. The most effective product for supporting mitochondrial bio-genesis. A superior CoQ10 plus an ancient Ayurvedic mineral product.
  • RiboCarnitine-Q10 – 180 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: RCQ1).
  • Mitochondrial NRG – 120 caps. Designs For Health. (code: MHN12). Cell energy formula.
  • Ribo-CarniClear – 8 oz. Designs For Health. (code: RIBOC). Liquid formula, good taste.
  • NiaCel-250 – 60 caps. Thorne Research. (code: T06336). Advanced cellular energy support!
  • ***Molecular H2 - 60 tabs. Allergy Research Group. (code: A77520). Hydrogen gas product for the next generation. Great for everyone!
  • Neo-40 Professional - 60 tabs. humanN. (code: P23371). Lozenges for blood pressure support and circulation.
  • See also B-vitamins, liposomal glutathione (in antioxidant section), superfoods, and SR-CoQ10 with PQQ in ‘Brain’.
  • ***Liposomal Glutathione – 60 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: P14784). A nice option for this amazing product if caps are preferred.
  • *** Liposomal Glutathione - 1.7 oz. Designs For Health. (code: D04894). Smallest particle size available = best absorption. A great alternative to IV glutathione!
  • Resveratrol EXTRA – 120 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: RESV1).
  • Metabolic Xtra – 90 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: PMX9). Fantastic for brain and blood sugar support!
  • ***Molecular H2 (see Energy/Metabolism section)
  • See also Superfoods, CurcumaSorb, Ester-C & Flavonoids.
  • Arnica Montana 200 CK – 80 pellets. Boiron. (code: ARN57).
  • Arnicare Cream – 2.5 oz. Boiron. (code: ARN51).
  • Neprinol AFD – 150 caps. Arthur Andrew Medical. (code: NEP15). Vegetarian formula. Great for swelling, injuries, circulation.
  • ***Joint Complex - 60 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: P14807). One cap a day formula with low-weight hyaluronic acid.
  • Arthoben – 330 gms. Designs For Health. (code: D04009). Tastes great. See also CurcumaSorb in ‘Immune’ section.
  • Whole Body Collagen - 390 g. Designs For Health. (code: D05143). Broad-spectrum, research-proven building blocks for joints!
  • Systemic Enzyme Formula - 180 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: ). An superior version of the German classic for pain, swelling.
  • ***Turmeric Response Joint - 120 caps. Innate Response. (code: IN1811). Vegetarian. Fast-acting pain relief based on ancient Ayurvedic formula.
  Brain Health & Sleep Support:
  • Vital Brain – 180 gms. Vital Nutrients. (code: VNBRAL). Tastes good!
  • ***Memory Pro – 180 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: MEP1).
  • SR-CoQ10 with PQQ – 60 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: CQP6).
  • ***Liposomal Glutathione - 1.7oz. Designs For Health. (code: D04894).
  • ***Insomnitol – 60 caps. Designs For Health. (code: INSM60). The best sleep product we've ever used!
  • Inositol Powder – 250 gms. Pure Encapsulations. (code: INP2). Tastes good. Sleep aid for those who hate pills.
  • See also Vitamin D, CurcumaSorb, CoCurcumin, B12 5000 liquid, BodyBio PC liquid, Metabolic Xtra.
  • PaleoCleanse Plus – 570 gms. Designs F Health. (code: D04437 in CA, D04436 others).
  • ***Liposomal Glutathione - 1.7 oz. Designs For Health. (code: D04894). If caps version preferred, see ‘antioxidants’.
  • ***GI Detox + – 60 caps. Bio Botanical Research. (code: GIDET). Ideal for use in combination with detox products.
  • ***The Detox Qube - Quicksilver Scientific. (code: Q853001). A comprehensive detox system.
  • ***The Black Box II - Quicksilver Scientfific. (code: QS5217). A great system for mold and Lyme detox!
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid - 120 caps, 200 mg per cap. Pure Encapsulations. (code: ALP13). Great for brain detox.
  • Pectinate powder - 8.7 oz. Thorne Research. (code: T06701).
  • Body Anew – 3 bottles of 1 oz. each. MediNatura. (code: M20118). Homeopathic drainage for lymph, liver, kidneys, intestines.
  • PectaSol-C - 454 grams. ecoNugenics. (code: PSC45).
  • Guggul - 60 caps. Himalaya. (code: H41901). The classsic Ayurvedic herbal. Supports cholesterol balance, etc.
  • Cholestsure - 90 caps. DaVinci Labs. (code: COL65). A broad-spectrum product for cholesterol and lipid management.
  • Hair/Skin/Nails Ultra – 60 caps. Pure Encapsulations. (code: P13572).
  • HPM & White Peroxide Mouthwash – 16 oz. Heritage. (code: h06488). Dental support.
  • Neem Mouthwash-Mint – 16 oz. Theraneem. (code: TH0406). Dental support.
  • Perio Biotic Toothpaste– 118 gm. Designs For Health. (code: PERISP). Dental support.
  • Neem Dental Floss - Mint - 50 yds. Theraneem. (code: TH9908). Dental support.
  • ***Neem Tooth & Gum Oil - .5 oz. Theraneem. (code: TH5981). Dental support.
  • ***Ultrasonic Real Bamboo Diffuser. NOW. (code: N75215). For use with essential oils! Also search for NOW essential oils.

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